Saturday, 3 October 2015

Mango Tango @ Siam Square Soi 3, Bangkok, Thailand (Alissa and Don Eat Asia)

After our meal at Thip Samai, Alissa and I wandered down the street in search of one of her all-time favourite desserts - Mango Sticky Rice. Eating this classic Thai dessert at a street food stall was a fun experience, and it was a well made example of the dish. While doing research on Bangkok's best Mango Sticky Rice stalls and stops, I stumbled upon a post by friend of the blog WenY, recommending a very deluxe take featuring Mango Ice Cream and Mango Pudding from a small chain called Mango Tango. Given the heat and humidity of Bangkok's climate the ice cream sounded like a winning addition, and with a Mango Tango outlet just across the road from Siam Centre, it was very conveniently located for a cooling afternoon snack.

Walking down Soi 3, it looks like Mango Tango used to be located on the left side of the street in a self-contained glass box, but it has recently moved into a larger facility on the right. The shop features a very modern warehouse aesthetic with polished concrete walls and giant mango mobiles hanging from the ceiling.

Alissa and I ordered the Mango Tango Set, featuring Fresh Mango, Sticky Rice, Mango Ice Cream and Mango Pudding. First up, the Mango was fantastic, being ripe, sweet and flavoursome. Whoever their supplier is has done a great job sourcing such excellent produce. The Stick Rice was really well seasoned, not overly sweet, having a nice salty note in the background and the toasted Mung Beans on top giving the dish some nice crunch. We liked the Sticky Rice so much that our only complaint was there was not enough of it in ratio with the Mango and the Ice Cream, and although we had thought we'd ordered the Extra Rice version it must have been lost in translation. The Mango Ice Cream was really good in terms of mango flavour without being overly sweet, however I felt the texture was a bit icey and not as smooth as the best Mango Ice Cream I've had - its probably one of the difficulties of making ice cream when the climate is always hot. Finally, the Mango Pudding was excellent, having a smooth and soft jelly texture with nice pieces of mango set inside. This was definitely up there with some of the best Mango Puddings I've had at Dim Sum restaurants.

The Verdict: Excellent
Mango Tango was definitely a great recommendation; it was the most deluxe Mango Sticky Rice we had during our trip with the addition of the Mango Ice Cream and Pudding. At its core, it got the fundamentals of the dessert right, with the fresh Mangoes being nice and sweet and the Sticky Rice featuring that pleasingly salty note as well as having the crunch of the toasted Mung Beans. Had the Ice Cream been perfectly smooth and the Sticky Rice in a larger quantity, this would have been just about perfect. As it stands, this was still our favourite of Mango Sticky Rice of the trip and a definitely must try if you're in the Siam Square area.

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