Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I Scream Caffe, Hong Kong (Alissa and Don Eat Asia Day 2, Part 5)

Feeling full after our delicious dinner at The Monogamous Chinese, Alissa and Iwalked the Mid-Level Escalators back to Central. The reason for our walk was three-fold: to work off some of the calories from our dinner, to work out how to get from the IFC shopping complex near in Central to Caprice for dinner the next day and to have some ice cream at the well regarded gelateria I Scream Caffe.

My initial plans to dine at I Scream Caffe came about because it used to be located immediately above Monogamous Chinese. Due to expensive rent and either upgrading or downsizing, restaurant relocations are very common in Hong Kong and I Scream Caffe has relocated to IFC's high end shopping complex.

The shop looks like a typical gelateria, featuring a great array of flavours with the tubs displaying that wavy poured-in surface that screams legit gelato.

Alissa always says ice cream is a dessert that you can eat even if you're full as when it melts it can fit in the gaps between all the other food, and having recovered slightly from the dinner I had three scoops to Alissa's two.

My three were in order from the top: Black and White Sesame, Lychee and Ginger. Alissa's were Pistachio and Earl Grey Tea. To begin with the texture of all five flavours was spot on gelato, having that fluffy airy texture I come to expect from good quality gelato.

My three were the more Asian flavours, and I Scream Caffe were very successful in combining these flavours with Gelato texture. The Black and Whit Sesame was my favourite – I've had sesame ice cream before but this was by far the most successful I've had. The lychee had decent chunks of fruit within, and the ginger was well balanced, neither having too little or too much ginger.

Alissa's favourite combination of flavours is salty and sweet, and the pistachio ice cream got this balance perfectly. The Earl Grey was even better, not just tasting of tea but actually tasting like Earl Grey tea in particular.

The Verdict: Very Good
Its not quite on the level of Gelato Messina in Sydney (my favourite gelato joint in Australia), but as an ice cream fiend, its great to find quality ice cream in a new city. With its very central location I Scream Caffe makes its easy to recommend.

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